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We would like to thank you so much for being a part of the family. Subaru is not just a vehicle brand, we're here to develop a sense of community and strive to offer the best transportation experience possible by offering everything you've come to expect in a quality vehicle. Performance. Safety. Longevity. Versatility. Adventure. And much more!

The Dear Subaru segment is way to recognize all the thanks and acknowledgements we receive from customers like you every day. Check out what others have been saying and share your own story with us!

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Check out people's personal Subaru stories where they share their adventures and love with the rest of us. Hear first hand why people Love their Subaru vehicles.

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subaru survival storiessubaru survival storiessubaru survival storiessubaru survival stories


You know Subaru loves to love, and we love hearing your stories. Check out what others say about their experience and share your own stories with us!

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Dear Subaru,

A forest green 1999 Subaru Legacy was my first car. It was a station wagon, which is not ideal for a 17 year old male trying to impress the girls. But a few years later it would be one of the best things to happen to me when I started to travel the country. The reliability and extra space made my travels the best time of my life. 10 years later, I got another Subaru. It was a forester and I continue to travel the globe with this vehicle!

I can not wait to take my next trip across the country, I have 100% confidence with my newest Subaru vehicle.

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Dear Subaru,

My sister, dog and I took a cross country trip this summer. Pennsylvania to Utah- 6,630 miles round trip. My little orange Crosstrek was a champ! Easy packing and access and the fold-down backseat accommodated my dog perfectly. It was comfortable and fuel efficient, both on the highway and in the mountains. Spent lots of nights camping at national and state parks alongside my awesome little car. So far I'm up to 70,000 miles and looking forward to many, many more. PS we saw a huge number of Subaru vehicles along the way, definitely a preferred car for the adventurous types :-)

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