2019 Subaru BRZ

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Designed with ultra-quick responsiveness in mind, the Subaru BRZ is the ultimate sports car for everyone! This sporty coupe has the heart of a Subaru built in under the hood, and it delivers 205 horsepower with a base curb weight of 2,789 pounds. The BRZ is a track car disguised as a daily driver.

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Sports Performance

The tuned, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter BOXER® Engine powers out up to 205 horsepower. There's a very delicate balance between power and efficiency, but the BRZ nails it. Direct and port-injection technology provides more than 100 horsepower per liter, and the dual active valve control system optimizes valve timing for maximum response all the way to the 7,400 rpm redline. You never have to worry about being left behind when you're behind the wheel of the BRZ.

Race Styling

The BRZ's interior is one to behold. It starts with the leather wrapped steering wheel that features a small diameter giving drivers ultimate control and comfort; the sport seating is heavily bolstered and grants ideal positioning for a direct connection with the vehicle. The entire interior is embossed with premium quality material that creates an environment that is inviting and tranquil but never detracts from the beating heart of this sports car.


Sports Performance, Subaru Value

The Subaru BRZ isn't just engineered to be the best sports car for your dollar, it's engineered for fun. It's low weight enhances reflexes and delivers razor sharp handling around every turn. The philosophy for fun, responsive, sharp driving goes right down to the brake pedal which has a firm feel for confident control, and just like every pedal on the BRZ it features a motorsport-style drilled metal design.

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